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Distance measurement by UWB 

The distance measurement of UWB is based on Time of Flight (ToF) of impulse radio (IR) signal , between two radio transceivers communicating to each others. The distance is calculated by multiplying Time of Flight of the signal by the speed of light.


• In most of applications +-10cm accuracy is a realistic target

• Accuracy is independent of distance

• In some applications it is realistic to reach accuracy of +-2cm

• Even UWB distance measurement works through obstacles the accuracy is affected, can be +-30cm

Multipath rejection

• Most of UWB chip sets are able to detect the first path radio signal and differentiate it from multipath signal arriving later

• This is one unique feature of UWB radio differentiating it from other radio technologies allowing the best performance in positioning applications


• The sensitivity of most UWB chipsets allow coverage over 70m range with proper radio design

• In some applications and with special radio design  it is possible to reach accurate distance measurement over 200m within regulated TX power limits 

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