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Our Work

Here are some examples of our implemented projects

1. UWB auto-focus system

Sharpeye has developed an auto-focus product for high end cameras. Our camera unit measures distance from film plane to uwb tags attached to objects of interest and delivers +-3cm accurate distance measure to control the focus of the camera.

In the video below, tags in white labels are focused by control unit commands 2, 1 ,4, 3 . 

2. Research projects

Sharpeye has worked on two autononomous vehicle postioning research projects.

Both projects were realized at Muonio autonomous vehicle test road.

Here is a link to a report of Aurora Arctic Challenge Research Project:

3. Remote access management solutions

We have designed electronics, radios and SW for a remote controlled access management products.

Electronics control sensors and lock, manages UI, LTE-M connection to the cloud and defines position by GNSS.

Below is an image of our own development platform for vehicle remote management.


4. Design services, IP, and consulting

Sharpeye has also implemented several embedded design projects, including radio technologies UWB, BLE, LTE-M, and GNSS, sofware development for STM32, nRF528xx and RaspberryPi and Zephyr OS.

We have designed and consulted many UWB customers to pass certifications and improve radio performance.  

Sharpeye has also developed our own patented UWB directional detection technology. Below are three examples of possible implementations of the IP.

ptp dir.png

5. PWB Design 

Here are three expamples of implemented PWBs designed in our projects.   

Please be free to contact us for further discussion or see more about our services here:
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