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UWB Antenna Products

UWB Antenna Directional ch5

The CoreIoT UWB SMD chip antenna, at 20mmx13.5mmx1.6mm with high efficiency and Gain across Channel 5. This antenna gives Directional Radiation pattern.

1. Size of antenna 20*13.5*1.6 mm
2. > 70% Efficiency on all bands
3. > 2.75dBi Peak Gain
4. Linear Polarization
5. SMD Type

UWB Chip Antenna
ch5 and ch9

The CoreIoT’s Ultra-Wideband SMD Chip Antenna has been specifically designed for Europe and USA UWB Applications at the operating range within  5.98 – 8.237GHz, with dimensions 6.2 mm x 4.85 mm x 1.55 mm.

Frequency: 5.98 – 8.237GHz for European and USA UWB Applications

Dimensions: 6.2 mm x 4.85 mm x 1.55 mm

Applications: Indoor positioning, smart home applications.

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