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UWB FE Module 

Sharpey UWB FE Module SEM-C5-C9-HPERF 

• Frequency : UWB ch5 (6,5GHz) and ch9 (8GHz)

• BW : 500MHz

• High RX Sensitivity : -103,4dBm

• Integrated omni-directional antenna

• Dimensions : 23mm x 13mm x 2,9mm

• Vin : 2,5 – 3,6V

• Includes DW3000 with connectivity : SPI, 8 x GPIO

UWB FE Module HPerf.png

Samples available  soon, please request more info by contact button below 

This module is available as a design block to be integated to your PWB as part of our design service 

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